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Being a full time college student, money is tight. With the Discount Membership Card I can save money almost everywhere I go out to eat. I can also save on movies and other events. It definitely helps get me through the month. Plus, now that I've told 3 of my friends about it, my membership is paid for!

With a product that more than pays for itself and a HUGE compensation program that rewards the new person and the experienced marketer alike, this is by FAR the most powerful business I have ever seen!

I live in Germany and didn't expect to have much use for this product. When I found out there are 186 places in Germany I can go to save money, I was blown away! People from all over the world can use this product and save more money every month than it even costs them to be a member! This is fantastic!

Being a competitive snowboarder, I travel all over the world. With the MyWorldPLUS discount card, I can save up to 50% on hotels almost anywhere I go. I also get great deals on rental cars, food, and other cool stuff. Now all my friends are members and we all have a fun little business growing on the side as well.

With MyWorldPLUS, our members receive the most valuable product in the industry that can save you HUNDREDS of dollars every month in purchases you are already making! It truly is the product that rewards you every time you use it!

With your membership to MyWorldPLUS, you receive a MyWordPLUS Discount Membership Card that can be used to save money at over 175,000 retail merchants WORLDWIDE!

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In fact, just by using the discount card without changing anything you're currently doing, you could be saving HUNDREDS of dollars EVERY MONTH...and that's not even counting all the money you'll save with our other great products!

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Each month, you will be able to print out coupons from Brand Name manufacturers that you can use at any of over 100,000 grocery stores around the country!

With MyWorldPLUS, not only do you have FULL ACCESS so hundreds of dollars worth of savings every single month, but you also have full retail rights to our awesome products!

That means each time you share the great products with others and they take advantage of our membership, YOU will earn a $25 Retail Bonus the very next week!

What's even more exciting is that as those people share the products with others, they will earn the $25 Retail Bonus, and YOU will get an additional $3 override on any sales that they make!

And as if that weren't enough, we even pay out one more generation of sales, and additional $2 for all of your third generation sales!

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO  when you buy any TWO Whole Grain Total® Total® Raisin Bran, Total® Honey ...
SAVE $.50 ON TWO   when you buy TWO any flavor Hamburger Helper®, Tuna Helper® OR Chicken ...
$5 OFF AXE LAB SET   Purchase one (1) Axe Lab Gift Set and get $5.00 off your purchase.

Earn up to 20% cash back at any of over 600 online stores, including Target,Sears, Macy's and MORE!

In fact, not only will you earn cash back on all of your online purchases, but you will also have your own website where you'll be able to send others to check out great online deals. And anything they purchase through your website, YOU will earn cash back on THEIR purchases as well!

Another powerful way to put more money back in your pocket each and every month!

Just by becoming a member of MyWorldPLUS, you can start saving hundreds of dollars every month on purchases you are already making. And all it costs to be a member is just $19.95 per month!

That means, that any one of these products alone will save you more money each month than your monthly membership fee! And as a member of MyWorldPLUS, you get ALL THREE!

*Coupon rewards are available to members in the United States only.